The Gran Trail Collserola, the large loop to the Barcelona’s biggest park – Parc Natural de Collserola – is the first single stage mountain trail running race with the start and finish in the city Barcelona. The race is semi-selfsufficiency kind of and crosses, on top of Barcelona, the other eight townships that share some parts of the park.

2018’s edition will be the 6th edition and the race center will be located in Barcelona’ Velòdrom d’Horta, next to metro station of Mundet. The race will be Saturday November 24th, 2018.

Parc de Collserola is the green area for more than 3 million population in the metropolitan area. This huge area to play and relax is substantial to quality of life for residents and visitors. Every time we walk, run or bike into the park, our responsibilities are to preserve, maintain and even improve the park.








Statistic of registered runners BTR 2018

Only two weeks left to close registrations and we see that the list of runners does not stop growing. Keep in mind that today, November 5th, there are 415 numbers entered and that we have a maximum limit of 500. These 415 are divided into 353 brave runners who will...

Podiatry and phisiotherapy services

Looking to offer the best services to the runners Enric Violan Podologia Esportiva and Mans de Sant will be with us in next edition. Podiatry services ENRIC VIOLAN Podología Deportiva will be again with us in the fifth edition of the Barcelona Trail Races. The day of...

Relay race

The GTCR (Gran Trail Collserola Relay) is a relay race, that follows the same GTC itinerary. Each team will have from 2 to 5 runners. The place where one runner can make the pass to another runner of the team will be only in the refreshment posts. Each...


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