GTCX2 Route

GTCX2, RELAY RACE (click here to read the basics)
  1. The GTCX2 (Gran Trail Collserola X 2) is a relay race.
  2. There will be two relays: first of 47 km and second of 29 km.
  3. The place where first runner will make the pass to second runner is the refreshment post at El Papiol, at CEM El Papiol.
  4. Each runner will have his/her bib-number. Bib-number will also include the relay order (1 or 2).
  5. There will be the following categories : absolute and veterans (male, female and mixed team) and junior-veteran teams
  6. The start of the GTCX2 will be simultaneous with the GTC and with the same compulsory material check when entering the start corral.
  7. The second runner has to go to El Papiol by his/her own means. If the first runner want to return to the finish line, he/she has to go there by his/her own means.
  8. Right before the start the “batons” will be given to first runners.
  9. A refreshment Papiol, the second runner will have to pass through compulsory material check before start running.
  10. If the first runner wants to cross the finish line together with the second runner, there will be a place before the finish line were first runners can join second runners for the last meters of the race.