Welcome letter

Once the 5th edition of the BTR is finished, and when surprisingly we have traces of snow and an icy wind, the city of Barcelona looks distant. View from the hills of Collserola it seems that you can dominate, trapped by the sea and the mountains. Anyway, if you turn and look at the mountain, it is enough to enter the paths and paths that run through it to realize how wonderful this mountain range is surrounded by a metropolitan city that has not managed to devour it.

Running along these paths is a privilege for those who live around these mountains, but it is also a privilege for those who come to participate from abroad. Protect and preserve it is our obligation, enjoy it is a right that we cannot let us take away.

We are working so that in this sixth edition can continue to test your legs, the illusion to make an affordable ultra, without any more pretension to prove yourself. And this year, the faithful who have trusted all these years will have a reward.

Respect the mountain, run and enjoy it

La Nova Fita
Mònica Aguilera and Marc Ràfols
February 2018