It is mandatory to participate with the GPS device and crono chip which will be delivered along with the bib-numer at pickup of bib number. It is mandatory to deliver the sheet of TERMS OF USE OF THE DEVICE AND TIMING when collecting the bib-number.

Barcelona Trail Races provides to all runners a real-time on-line position tracking service.


The service is provided by The runner´s position during the race will be visible in real time in the web on a map with the race´s route.


Relatives, friends and fans will be able to follow the runners from home or from a smartphone. The routes/pace of the runners can be compared each other. This platform will also allow to run a simulation of the runner´s tracks after the race.

Runners will have to carry a small device that will capture your position via GPS satellites. Dimensions of the device are aprox. 70mm x 40mm x 25mm and weights is aprox. 60 gr.

The service is free and does not substitute timing.

Before the race the runners can complete their profile at tracktherace web page with a photo and other relevant information.

The device has to be pick up at the race center the day you pick up the bib-number and must be returned after finishing the race.