It is mandatory to participate with the GPS device and crono chip which will be delivered along with the bib-numer at pickup of bib number. It is mandatory to deliver the sheet of TERMS OF USE OF THE DEVICE AND TIMING when collecting the bib-number.

Barcelona Trail Races provides to all runners a real-time on-line position tracking service.

The service is provided by Tracky Sport Services. The runner´s position during the race will be visible in real time in the web on a map with the race´s route.

Relatives, friends and fans will be able to follow the runners from home or from a smartphone. The routes/pace of the runners can be compared each other. This platform will also allow to run a simulation of the runner´s tracks after the race.

Runners will have to carry a small device that will capture their position. The device will be set to record the position every 30s and broadcast every minute.

Dimensions of the device are 56 x 37 x 6mm and weights is 39 gr.

The services do not substitute timing.

The service is included in the price of the race.


The device has to be pick up at at the competition center along with the bib-number and must be returned at the end of the race. It will be delivered with a bag and must remain inside the bag throughout the race.

The devices will be delivered turned on and ready to go, without the participants having to manipulate them.

The teams participating in the relay mode will have a single device that must be collected by the first reliever.


  1. The tracker must be placed in any pocket of the hydration backpack, it is recommended to fix it with a flange, to avoid losing it.
  2. The face of the device with the buttons must side towards the exterior.
  3. Nothing should be placed on top of the device: no mobile, no thermal blanket, bars, water, or graphite poles.
  4. And it does not have to be placed in the same pocket with the mobile or the thermal blanket.