Itinerary and cut times

11 weeks left for the return of the Barcelona Trail Races! Are you ready?

As you know, and with the entry of the new regulations of the Collserola Natural Park, this year the participation is limited to 500 numbers between the two modalities offered: Gran Trail Collserola (GTC) (76 km) and, for the relay race, Gran Trail Collserola X2 (GTCX2) of 47 + 29 km.

We have more than 50% of the numbers sold and the countdown begins.

The itinerary of the BTR can be consulted in the corresponding section of the web, from where you will find the link to download the track.

GTC (+)

GTCX2 (+)

On the web you will also find a section with a series of proposals to prepare the BTR training the itinerary by stages. We have divided the route into six sections, joining the beginning and end of each section with public transport. All information here (+).

Finally, we also attach the link where you will find the cut times of the BTR.