Only few days to start your running in the 7th edition of the Barcelona Trail Races! Please read slowly and carefully these notes in order to facilitate all your preparations before your race.

Regarding your bib number, you can pick it up from Friday 22th in the afternoon and Saturday 23th early in the morning. We recommend you to do it on Friday to avoid last minute queues. You have the schedule here. We remind you that you must carry your identity card, and that if you wish to collect the bib number of a friend you must present the authorization sheet to third parties signed, which you will find here (in Spanish), with the photocopy of the ID of the owner of the bib number.

Before entering the start corral, you must go through the equipment checking corridor. Do it with time to avoid last minute queues and remember to take the power bars and gels marked with your bib number (if you don’t have it written, you will have to do it there and it will take time). You can check your bib number here. We recommend you to take a look at the schedules in order to have enough time before your start time.

All runners will carry a GPS tracking device. This is a big step forward in quality, for the runner, the followers and the organization, because the system allows real-time tracking of all the runners, which can be done from the cell phone. The GPS tracking device and the timing chip will be given at the same time with the bib number. You must take into account that it is a device that we rent to a company and that it has a considerable cost and for this reason you will find attached a doc with terms of use in order you can take already filled when you came for your bib number. Please, be careful and have in mind that, in case you withdraw, you have to return the timing chip and GPS tracking device to the person in charge of the refreshment post. Regarding the place where the device should be carried, read the instructions that you will find in the bib number envelope or here.

Regarding the relay race… There will be an area enabled for it in each refreshment post, except in Can Calopa. The relay that must be given to next runner are the GPS device and the timing chip,… you have to pass BOTH to your team-mate. If the fresh runner is requested to have the material checked by staff, please help for faster and smooth relay (keep in mind that the compulsory material can be passed from one runner to the next one). Also, keep in mind that generally speaking the recreational areas of the Parc de Collserola do not have large parking areas so it is better that you arrive in time in case you need to park few minutes away. At the finish line, if you want, the whole team can pass together the finish line.

Last, as you probably noticed it will rain. The ground is slippery and there are some small streams and paths with more water than usual or water were there should not be. Be sure that you will get your shoes wet at some point. It is important that you keep that in mind and think about a change of shoes and / or socks at refreshment post of El Papiol for solo runners or let your team bring them. Watch your step!

Have a good race!