Route 2021

We have news for this year’s BTR 2021 edition!!!

The most remarkable is that we have turned the sense of the route. Apart from doing it to adapt to the rules of the Collserola Park, we have managed to make the sections between refreshment stations more balanced and that the route as a whole has come out winning. About the refreshment stations, now they are all in recreational areas of the Park, except for the one in Papiol sports center.

Remember that, apart from the individual race, there is also the Gran Trail Collserola by Relay, which allows you to share the route with your friends or with the people you usually train.

The start and finish are still the Velódromo de Horta!

If you go out to train in Collserola, you must respect the rules that the Park has established.

In the GTCR races section of the website you will find the tracks and a section by section analysis.