In November we together will enjoy a day of sport and mountain in Collserola Natural Park. For this reason we must all work together showing respect for the environment that we love so much.

The races runs through the Collserola Natural Park Collserola, a natural space protected and with sensitive areas that we must respected and if possible left better than we found. Barcelona Trail Races organization is sensitive to all these aspects, we know that all of you too, but we still want to remember some tips and obligations that all BTR participants have know:

– Remember that  you are in a natural  park,  a protected area where it is necessary to have a respectful attitude towards the environment.

– It  is  important to follow the signs, you must not leave the marked course or take shortcuts, or go off the track.

– No glasses will be available at the refreshment points. Each runner  must  carry  and  use  their  own  glass  to  consume beverages.

– Each  runner  must  mark  their  food  with  their  bib-number using a permanent marker.

– Waste (wraps, gels, papers, etc.) must be deposited in the bins found at the refreshment points and at the finish point.

– Please use public transport to access the competition centre.

– According to the ordinances of the Collserola Natural Park, it is prohibited to pick flowers or bushes.

– Maintain discretion and silence when you are in the woods, not disturb the tranquility of the surroundings.

– Respect property both public and private.